Finally! A Healthy Salt Alternative

Green Salt is the immensely flavorful salt alternative that will dramatically decrease your sodium intake – WITHOUT surrendering your taste buds…

You Really CAN Have It All!
Savory Flavor With Incredible Health…

Green Salt is the world’s most innovative salt substitute.

Derived from the ancient superfood Salicornia, each grain is bursting with a distinctly salty flavor that adds the perfect zest to any dish, all while SLASHING your sodium intake and powering your body with dense nutrients in every bite.

Green Salt is seasoned with...

50% Less Sodium
90% of Americans eat way too much sodium, and as a result many of them suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease. With dehydrated Salicornia, you can spice up your favorite dishes and at the same time, give your body something to feel good about.

Flavorful Umami
Table salt has nothing on these greens. Beyond adding a salty kick to your cooking, Green Salt offers an extra dose of savory goodness guaranteed to have you coming back for seconds…and thirds. 

Nutrient Packed
Getting your vitamins in doesn’t have to be a hassle. With just one sprinkle of our nutrient dense salt alternative, you get an added boost of Magnesium, Potassium, Chlorophyll and Vitamin B3. 

Once You Go Green, You'll Never Go Back. Here's Why..

50% Less Risk
100% Delicious

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Tired of settling for healthier alternatives that make you dread heading to the kitchen?

We were too.

That's why we spent 20 combined years of research and development to create Green Salt. We even launched our own organic Salicornia farm in Baja California as part of our mission to share this hidden health food gem with people like you across the globe.

Co-founders of Green Salt: Chris Lin, Irving Noriega, Erick Noriega, and Paul Noriega.

Traditional Salt Alternatives:

• Hidden additives, preservatives and unwanted fillers
• Bland flavors that leave a chemical-like after taste
• Zero added nutritional value
• Mass produced in mystery labs

Green Salt:

• 100% Organic Salicornia
• Potent saltiness and natural umami flavor
• Rich Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin B3 Power
• Locally grown in Baja California

Top Chef Quality Flavor
Delivered Directly To Your Pantry

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