About us


Green Salt Team

Green Salt was created by Paul Noriega, Erick Noriega, Irving Noriega and Chris Lin (left to right).  Irving is our agricultural engineer and Salicornia expert. Paul is our food chemist. Chris and Erick lead our marketing efforts.

We're proud to be the first commercial producers of Salicornia in the world.  Our story begins over 20 years ago with Jose Noriega (Erick, Paul, and Irving’s dad) who planted the first Salicornia field while researching sustainable crops.

Jose Noriega, the man who started it all

Salicornia has the potential to improve public health and make agriculture more sustainable. Our mission is to realize this potential and share Salicornia's benefits with the world.

Our farm is located in Baja California and we ship Green Salt to you from Arcadia, California.

Environmental Impact

Salicornia farming is a sustainable form of agriculture that recycles saline farmland. Every year 25 million acres of coastal farmland are lost to salt water intrusion. This land becomes unusable for most crops.  Salicornia is able to thrive on saline land making it productive again.

Salicornia grows with sea water. This saves millions of litres of fresh water a year when compared to conventional crops.

What about pollution? Our sea water goes through an advanced filtration system to remove heavy metals and other contaminants.

Organic farming 

No pesticides are required to grow Salicornia making us 100% organic.

Green Salt